Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Thoughts And Dreams


Hopefully this week you’ve been visiting a bunch of new book blogs and maybe noticing some things about them you’d like to try yourself.  Or maybe you’ve just had some ideas for improvements to your blog you’d like to put into place or new ideas for content.  But there’s also probably something you really love about your blog, too, something you’re really proud of.  It’s time to show off!  Tell us and this is really important, in 50 words or less what you love best about your blog!  And then in 50 words or less where you want your blog to be by the next BBAW!  Ready?  GO!

I started this blog mostly for myself and hopefully to connect with others who love to read.  I love that I'm getting comments which means I'm getting visitors!  I obviously hope to continue that!

For the next year, I want to work on networking more.  I didn't realize before this week how large the book blogging community was.  I also want to work on my content.  It's getting there, but no were near were I would like to be!

I want to thank those who work behind the scenes for book blogger appreciation week.  It's helped open my eyes a little and realize I'm part of something bigger than myself!

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